Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dick Prather's inimitable, incomparable SHELL SCOTT returns in a series of graphic novels scripted by Mark Ellis  with art by his Justice Machine partner, David Enebral. Publisher Michael Hudson says, "We owe a lot to Linda Pendleton for making this a reality. I've been planning this for over three years and can't wait to see what our team does with the property."

Ellis had this to share. "Shell (Scott) is the first literary private eye I was exposed to. Dick Prather's books were what ignited my interest in the genre. I don't think people now realize just how enormously popular and even influential the Shell Scott series was for 20 plus years. What's even more amazing is that the entertainment value still holds up today."

The first three books to be adapted are Kill The ClownDead Man's Walk and  Pattern For Panic. The adaptations should run 44 pages in length and are expected to come out bi-annually through Sequential Pulp joint publishing partner, Dark Horse Comics.

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